when we talk about mental health  what is it that we mean the first thing to notice is that mental health is not blissful happiness  hours a day seven days a week nobody has a life like that all of us will have times in our lives when we feel sad or if you’rmental_ditrubness.jpge happy or feel anxious.
so this is in fact that mental health is we can do three things first we can engage in productive activities productive activities could be anything that could be knitting a sweater reading
a book teaching a class being a student in the class but it’s productive it engages our senses our intellect and it helps us to grow and develop the opposite of course would be a destructive activity which in some way harms or hurts us the second thing is we can engage in
fulfilling relationships relationships that make us feel stronger or happier or
which support our firmus relationships that are reciprocal so we have friends

 we have family there’s no quota or number on thiswe shouldn’t have to have  friends are
or six or for just that the relationships that we have are good forbus and the third part of good mentalbhealth is probably the most subtle and the most important that is the abilityto adapt and change and copra diversit or stress when it happens and what this means is that we can deal with situations that cause stress or difficulty.

let’s say for example that takes us  minutes to drive to work and so we leave .

The house  minutes early only to find that our car won’t start when we’re mentally well we can start to think of other possible as maybe we could get a cab maybe we could
walk maybe we could call a friend who drives to the University.

maybe we could stay home when we’re mentally well we’ll keep that flexibility and were able to problem-solve but when we’re mentally unwell.

we knew some of that flexibility and we start to rely on the same strategies for
dealing with problems or we avoid solving problems all together we run away from them

so when were mentally well we are content and we can deal with stress.

 what is mental illness mental illness is a general term that we use to describe a number of significant changes that can happen to us.good_ental_healt.jpg

 First they are thinking can change so people with mental health problems sometimes have difficulty with concentrating let’s take an example you’re relaxing and reading an article in the newspaper.

you reach the third paragraph and you realize that you don’t remember what the
articles about that’s a difficulty with concentration people with mental health problems have a significant difficulty with memory with attending with concentrating on top of that this affects even important areas of their lives for example a student with attention and concentration problems will have difficulty reading the material from pictures are from
texts so you can see this could be very frightening for the student.

The second thing that gets affected is our mood and typically when people develop a mental health problem.

They are likely to become more anxious or more sad or more irritable these are all unpleasant changes as well that may experience a lot of a sense of pleasure.

we all of us of things in our lives that enjoy fold or recreation activities are sporting activities are artistic endeavors but when people are mentally ill they often lose the pleasure that accompanies these activities and the third area that becomes affected is our
behavior people with mental health problems may experience difficulties with eating or with sleeping or they may lose interest in their personal hygiene
most mental health problems affect all three areas and in a general way we say
that mental health problems are always associated with the stress.





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