One of the best brain foods in this article, I’m going to give you my top favorite brain foods here which will keep your fitness, we goboost_brainn.jpg

 maybe it’s something onthe national geographic show brain games of the history channel shows stan lee’s superhumans .I’m a twotime USA memory champion and when I was training for the USA memory championships in .

I lost  pounds people always take man were you training from a memory tournament or a math on one of the reasons why is I was eating brain foods and during that time .I developed my top brain foods and i’m going to give them to your right now.


The first brain food is to eat whole grains your brains like any other part of your body it needs a steady supply of energy to function properly the ability to focus and concentrate
comes from a steady adequate supply of energy in the form of glucose and we can
get this from whole grains so to get this opt for brown cereals week brand or
brown pasta number to eat oily fish essential fatty acids cannot be made by
the body and they must be obtained through a diet.

The most effective Omega threes occur in fish as EPA or DHA good sources of this oily fish for salmon trout mackerel and herring.

however i am personally allergic to fish and I can’t eat this fish you can also get this from flax seed oil pumpkin seeds pumpkin seed oil walnut oil or just do what i do i take
the omega pills.

Number three this one is one of my favorites blueberries eat more blueberries they have antioxidants and them that’s going to be beneficial for your brain now one tip on this I suggest that you get blueberry concentrate and mix that with water.

That way you don’t have to eat a thousand blueberries add a number four here’s one maybe haven’t heard of before tomatoes eat more tomatoes they protect against free radical damage to your cells which actually can lead to things like dementia and Alzheimer’s so have some more Tomatoes number  certain  b and folic acid are going to be
beneficial to your memory.

There was actually a study with elderly patients and they gave one group b b and folic acid and the other a placebo when this two year study was complete they found the group who had been given b b and folic acid has significantly less brain shrinkage number six walnuts walnuts of the top nut for brain health.

they have a significantly high concentration of DHA a type of omega fatty acid DHA has been shown to protect the brains and newborns improve cognitive performance and adults an just a quarter cup of walnuts provides nearly one hundred percent of the
recommended daily intake of DHA number.
Avocados I love avocados and I don’t think they get enough credit for being a good brain food the avocado is a fatty fruit and it promotes healthy blood flow that’s healthy blood flow is going to keep your blood pressure lower and that is great for cognitive function.

 I got some good news for you on number eight number eight is dark chocolate studies show that one half ounce to one ounce of dark chocolate is beneficial to your brain .cognitive function dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties which is helpful to your brain and it is also a natural stimulant which is going to stimulate your brain.

Number nine broccoli it’s not everybody’s favorite food but it is a good brain food broccoli isa great source of vitamin K and that’s going to improve your brain power the last one number  is one of my favorites and the reason it is is.

because I love to eat curry the food curry curry has a spice in it known as turmeric into America is fast becoming one of the most popular brain foods now.

here’s a caveat with this a lot of people are buying a turmeric pill in taking that but you’re not going to get the same benefit from it as if it was cooked in food when
it’s cooking food and actually has a chemical reaction there.

it’s going to be more beneficial to your brain in your memory . so that’s good news I love to eat curry  eat more curry you’ll get more tumeric into America is going to be helpful to
your memory so guys I hope you enjoyed that list of
my top  favorite brain foods.
your brain is like any other part of your body you’re going to need to support it with good nutrition and exercise and even some healthy brain food.

I’ve compiled a list a lot more free information on healthy brain food to get my complete list of top brain food for free click the link below or click right

here well I kind of mentioned that in another and President George HW Bush didn’t like to eat broccoli  however broccoli leaf politics out of this okay.



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